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Captain Hepburn

Captain John Stuart Hepburn born in Scotland in 1800, was an early pastoralist and landholder in Smeaton, Victoria, Australia.

At an early age he became a seafaring man, progressing to become the Master of a 226 ton brig, the ‘Alice’. In 1835 the ‘Alice’ sailed for Hobart, and on board was John Gardiner, an ex banker, who talked Hepburn into joining him in a pastoral business.

Hepburn and John Gardiner were joined by Joseph Hawdon in a successful venture to overland cattle to Port Phillip. Soon after Hepburn met Captain John Coghill and his brother William. The brothers were settled at Kirkham and Stathellen near Braidwood, New South Wales.

In 1837 Hepburn and William Coghill became partners in a plan to overland 1400 ewes, 50 rams and 200 wethers to central Victoria. On the 15th January 1838 the party left Strathallen for Victoria. Shortly after leaving Gundagai, New South Wales, they met William Bowman and the three parties travelled southward, crossing the Murray River near Albury. Major Mitchell’s tracks were picked up near Wangaratta and followed to Mount Alexander, where they set up a lambing camp in April.

Hepburn had hoped to settle on the country he had passed through in 1836 but found it was all taken.
From Mount Alexander, Hepburn sighted Mount Kooroocheang and the Mammaloid Hills. The party moved on; William Coghill travelled further west, crossing Bullarook Creek and Hepburn established the Smeaton Hill Run on the 15th April 1838.
He named Smeaton Hill station after his relatives’ ancestral estate which lay near his birth place in Scotland.

Capt John Stuart Hepburn

“Captain Hepburn’s decision to settle in this area proved another example of the soundness of his judgement, for a more productive district it would be difficult to meet with in this colony. The bringing up and education of a large family went on simultaneously with the superintendence of an extensive run, at a time when black-fellows and kangaroos outnumbered a settler’s cattle. In the course of time Captain Hepburn became wealthy, and at almost every successive sale of Crown lands large tracts of splendid country became his by purchase.” (Creswick Advertiser, August 10th 1860) 

Capt Hepburn founded the rural town of Smeaton in 1838, and the surrounding Shire of Hepburn, including the town of Hepburn Springs, is named after him. He died in 1860 aged 57 and now lies in the small private family cemetery behind Smeaton House, fenced off and surrounded by trees. When despite protestations he allowed a loyal faithful Chinese employee to be buried in the Hepburn family cemetery, he became the first white Victorian settler to allow a ‘non-European’ person to be buried with other members of his family, as an equal.


In our last report we announced the serious illness of Captain Hepburn, and expressed a hope that he might be soon restored to health, but that hope was doomed to disappointment, for after several alternations of the disease, and in spite of the utmost medical skill, the silver chord was loosed and the scythe of death laid low one whose very name has become almost a household word from Creswick to Castlemaine. (Creswick Advertiser, August 10th 1860)


The farmers of the Smeaton district had last week to mourn the loss of Captain Hepburn, who expired on the 7th inst., at the age of 57 years. This gentleman was well known to many personally, and to others by name, as an earnest promoter of agricultural improvement in his part of the country, and residents of all classes did their utmost to testify their respect at the funeral, which took place on Friday. (The Argus, August 16th 1860)


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  1. Joseph kiprono permalink
    March 8, 2021 3:29 am

    I know the location of ivo Murray murton buried in 1938 here in Kenya

  2. Annie Robinson permalink
    April 1, 2018 4:16 pm

    Hi Si, I am a direct descendant of John Hepburn’s half brother Benjamin, through his relationship with Margaret McKissock. Their daughter Jane was my great grandmother. I am coming across to the Ballarat area in May from Perth and would love to meet you and find out more about the history and district.

  3. Trish Rhodes permalink
    September 15, 2017 1:50 am

    Hi all
    Captain John Sturt Hepburn is my great-great-great grandfather. Captain John Hepburn’s eldest daughter Alice married Charles James Boehm Murray and they had one child, Eliza Marion Murray. On the early death of her mother, Eliza was brought up by her uncle George Hepburn.

    Eliza married William Arthur Murton (my great grandparents). They had seven children – Leslie Murray Murton, Hubert Murray Murton, Eileen Marion Murray Murton, Evelyn Murray Murton (my grandfather), Ivo Murray Murton , Dudley Arthur Murray Murton and Muriel Alice Murray Murton. Leslie, Dudley and Muriel were born in Australia and the rest were born in Kent near Rochester. Hubert was killed in 1916 fighting for the British Army – 1st King Edward’s horses.

    I believe, according to the book ‘Here My Home’ about Captain Hepburn, that many of the Hepburn family returned to England following his and his wife’s deaths; and my Hepburn/ Murray- Murton family is the only remaining Australian branch of Captain Hepburn’s family.

    Trish Rhodes

    • Trish Rhodes permalink
      September 16, 2017 11:31 pm

      Additional information on Captain John Stuart Hepburn

      His father was Thomas Hepburn (1778-1857) and mother was Allison Stewart, Thomas’s first wife. I can locate only 3 children from Thomas’s first marriage: Captain John Stuart Hepburn (1803-1860); George Hepburn and Alice Hepburn. From Thomas’s second marriage to Agnes Whitecross they had Ann, Janet, James, Jean, Eliza, BENJAMIN (1826-1888), Margaret, and William.

      Captain John Stuart Hepburn married Eliza Commbes (1805-1869) and they had 4 sons and 6 daughters.


      John Stuart jnr (1833-1834) born and died in England;

      Thomas (1836 -1859) born England and died Smeaton, Australia; married Emma Kirby and had one son only Thomas John born 1859 at Smeaton Australia and died 1874 at Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

      Henry (1842-1874) born Smeaton and died at sea; and

      George Stuart (1838-1903) born Smeaton, Australia and died Mornington, Victoria, Australia; married Harriet Wheatley and had Stuart, Alice, Elaine, and twins Stanley and May Ina born 1882. Stanley died in 1937 in Nigeria from pneumonia.
      Alice married H.E. Purey-Cust and they had Arthur John who died 1917 in North Sea. They also had a daughter Margery but I have no further information about her.

      May Ina (1882 – 1970) married Norman Macgeorge (1872- 1952) in 1911, an artist, art educator, collector and art critic in Victoria Australia. He was from a wealthy South Australian family, but they were childless and bequeathed their extensive art collection estate to the University of Melbourne.


      Alice (1831-1865) born London and died Smeaton, Australia: my great-great grandmother. It is through the twins in Captain John Stuart decendents that my sister, my cousin and myself all have twins.

      Eliza (1840-?) born Smeaton died England, She married Benjamin Butterworth and had Cecil, Bertie, Robert and Ella.

      Twins Helen and Mary born Smeaton Australia in 1845 both died in England: Helen ?? and Mary 1909
      Helen married Arthur Walsh and had Frederick and Arthur.
      Mary married Adolphus Devlin and had Lilian

      Jane born Smeaton Australia 1847 and died 1928 England; married Robert Thirkill Maillard. This I believe tallies with Karen Sydow’s post as a family connection to Captain John Sturt Hepburn, his 9th child: 5th daughter.

      Annie born 1849 at Smeaton Australia and died in England ???. She married Charles Kenworthy and they had Cecil and a daughter of whom I have no information.

      Smeaton house in Australia was built to reflect Smeaton- Hepburn Estate mansion in East Lothian, Scotland the home of Hepburn’s for 400 years until 1934. The mansion no longer exists.

      Hope this is helpful

      • September 24, 2017 3:24 pm

        Hi Trish,
        What fantastic info! You’ve filled in some missing links, of the ‘whatever-happened-to’ variety. And it makes me ashamed [again] that I’ve done what history always tended to do: ignored the females and focused mainly on the males.. (which goes against every fibre of my being!) Hopefully your valuable contribution will help other Hepburn researchers remember the forgotten females too.
        Thank you very much.
        Btw, an excellent Hepburn family reference site which might help with parts of your research is a site created by your distant UK cousin Alison Hepburn:

      • Jane England permalink
        April 17, 2018 4:53 pm

        Hi Trish,

        I remember my mother, Viva, speaking of your mother.

        I don’t have much more to add only that I remember visiting ‘Cousin May’ (May MacGeorge) in a large dark house in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. She was very old and blind. Peggy (Marjorie) Purey-Cust had come out from England to look after her and remained with Cousin May for a couple of years. I was only reading a letter from May to my mother recently. Peggy’s mother was Alice Hepburn and her father Admiral Sir Herbert Purey-Cust.
        Mum (Viva) and I visited Peggy Purey-Cust in about 1987. At that time she had dementia and was living in supported living at Minehead UK. I have a self portrait of Peggy which she painted in her declining years. Peggy’s father had been an equerry to King?? She was also mentioned in a poem by the poet laureate John Betjemen. I believe he was enthralled by her looks and auburn hair “O Peggy Purey-Cust, how pure you were:/ My first and purest love, Miss Purey-Cust” but her parents thought he was not suitable. She never married.
        Kindest regards,

      • Derek Wheatley permalink
        January 31, 2019 1:06 am

        Hi Jane

        Somewhat belatedly I have come across your posting on Peggy Purey-Cust.

        I am Peggy’s third cousin, her great grandfather being Alfred Edward Wheatley whose older brother was Charles Frederick Wheatley, my great grandfather. This, I hope, explains my interest in what you written.

        You refer to having a self-portrait painted by her in her later life. Is there any possibility that you could photo it and send it to me as an attachment to an e-mail?; my e-mail address is I would very much appreciate this.

        Many thanks in advance and best wishes.

        Derek Wheatley

    • Peter Nemaric permalink
      December 1, 2017 10:03 am

      Hi Trish….

      Noted your comments on Hubert Murray Murton 1st King Edwards Horse

      Would greatly appreciate you dropping me a line – I have spent many years researching the 1st KEH and have a website – it lists many Australians and I would love to see if there is any bio information available on him – you can see I have the record of how he was killed on the site – I’m hoping there is a photo of him !

      Kindest Regards


      • Trish Rhodes permalink
        December 2, 2017 4:40 pm

        Hello Peter

        I was thrilled to receive your post.
        My family have a long military history, which continues today, and hence with WW1 celebrations I have become intrigued with my grandfather’s brother Hubert Murray Murton and the 1st King Edwards Horse.

        My grandfather Evelyn and his youngest brother Dudley both joined the AIF and it intrigued me why Hubert joined a British unit. Thanks to your website, I was delighted to understand how the unit was established and why. This could explain why he joined the unit. However, I have no idea when he joined and whether he was living in the UK at the time (this is possible as the family frequently travelled between Australia and England).

        Hubert was born in England of an English father William Arthur Murton and an Australian mother. His mother, Eliza Murray, was the grand-daughter of Captain John Stuart Hepburn (as per this post) and a great, great grand daughter of the 4th Earl of Dunmore. Eliza grew up with her cousins, one of which, Alice Hepburn married Admiral Sir Herbert Purey-Cust, RN.

        My grandfather, like most returned servicemen never spoke of the great war and I personally have no oral history about Hubert. My cousin John Murton may have more information as he has researched the family further than I have, so I shall endeavour to contact him.

        I would be grateful for any information you may have and I have located his final resting place.

        Thanks again Cheers Trish Rhodes (nee Gamble)

      • Trish Rhodes permalink
        December 2, 2017 4:55 pm

        Sorry Peter I forgot to add Australian war memorial info. Hubert was 29 years old when he died; is buried in Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay, Lens, Nord Pas de Calais, France; and his name is on the Commemorative Roll for allied forces at the Australian War Memorial.

    • Jane England permalink
      March 30, 2018 3:51 pm

      Hi Trish,
      My grandfather was Dudley Arthur Murray Murton. He married Ethel Mary Newton and had 3 children; Viva (my mother), Peter and Tom who died in WW2. My grandfather enlisted in Melbourne and upon return he lived at Tresco on a soldier settlement. After wonderful crops of stone fruit and grapes the salt rose and he was forced to leave. He moved to Tatura where he was an orchardist growing apples, pears etc. In his latter years he moved into Tatura where he died in 1974.
      Kind regards,
      Jane England

      • Trish Rhodes permalink
        April 1, 2018 7:40 pm

        Hi Jane I am thrilled to hear from you!

        I remember your grandfather fondly as we often visited him in Tatura and picked the delicious stoned fruit off his trees as kids!! Your grandmother had died if I can remember properly about 1931, so I only knew “Molly” a lovely lady so kind to us children. I didn’t realise that he settled first at Tresco, but vaguely remember it was a soldier settlement.

        Thanks to Peter’s post, I have learnt what happened to Dudley’s and Evelyn’s brother Hubert. Your post reminded me that your mum and uncle Peter had a brother who was killed in WW2. The descendants of Captain Hepburn have given both their service and lives in defence of peace.

        My mother was Bernice Murray Gamble (nee Murton) and her father was Evelyn. I last saw your uncle Peter at my Dad’s funeral in 2000, but have followed his career and his OAM for service to information technology, and to the community.

        My mother was very fond of your mother, Viva, who if I remember correctly lived in Sydney and was a physiotherapist like myself. They phoned and wrote to each other frequently and I spoke with your mother on the phone about the time Bernice went into a nursing home in 2008/9. She died in 2012 aged 91.

        Last month, I was looking up Captain John Hepburn on Facebook and by pure luck made contact with Dudley and Evelyn’s elder sister Eileen Marion Murray Keller (nee Murton) grandson Lee Keller, from South Australia. He and his twin brother’s have been searching for their grandmother’s family with no success. So it is very exciting for me to have found you or rather you found me!!! Thanks to Captain John’s life and exploits.

        Since writing my first post in this space I have managed to improve what happened to Captain John’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, great, great grandchildren, 3x great grandchildren and 4x great grandchildren. It is a fact that we the Murray-Murton’s are the only direct Australian descendants of Captain John Hepburn through his daughter Alice Elizabeth Murray (nee Hepburn) and grand-daughter Eliza Marion Murton (nee Murray)

        I am so excited that you touched base, if you would like any further info on the Hepburns’ or share any oral history or facts I would love to hear from you

        Cheers and best wishes Trish Rhodes

    • Joseph kiprono permalink
      March 8, 2021 3:32 am

      Hello Tish, I located the grave site of ivo Murray murton here in Kenya. I don’t know if it’s helpful in trying to write history? Contact me if it’s of help

      • Trish Rhodes permalink
        December 10, 2021 4:22 pm

        Apologies for this late reply Joseph I have only noticed today. Thank you for your offer of help with my Uncle Ivo’s grave in Kenya. Do you know if his first Johanna is buried with him or near by. I’m not too sure if her maiden name is split Straubb as is High German or Strauss. I know very little of her. Anyway, thank you again Joseph

  4. Rachel Nendick permalink
    July 13, 2015 11:37 am

    Hello Si,
    I am currently reading a memoir of my Great great Grandfather, a C. C. Clark, born c.1869/71 to Charles Clark of Smeaton & Kingston Vic. He has written about the establishment of the Creswick – Daylesford railway, and travelling back & forth to Little Yarra (Powelltown) with his uncle in the 1880s.
    I was wondering if you have any information on the Clarks that you might be able to share with my family?
    Kind regards,
    Rachel Nendick

  5. Karen Sydow permalink
    August 30, 2014 5:16 am

    Going around and coming around. I’ve recently moved from Melbourne to Ballarat. Was tinkering with the family trees tonight, and realised that the Jane Hepburn, born Smeaton 1847, who married a first cousin thrice removed is actually the 9th child of Capt John and Eliza!! She married Robert Thirkill Maillard in London in Nov 1874. He was a Captain with the 16th Queen’s Lancers at the time. Later they had a farm in Surrey, and when Jane died there in 1927, aged 80, she left an estate of £67085, an enormous sum at the time!

    • September 15, 2014 4:52 am

      Hi Karen, I sent you an email about 10 days ago.. did you receive it?

    • Vanessa Prendergast permalink
      November 29, 2020 12:29 am

      I was wondering if there is any connection between
      James Archibald who emigrated from Scotland
      To Australia and took up land in and around smeaton
      At a similar time to Captain Hepburn
      The cemetery at smeaton has Arcibalds Toose and a few other families
      I am related to James Archibald
      Vanessa Archibald

  6. Alison Inglis permalink
    October 6, 2013 9:22 am

    Hi! Best wishes to all at S.I. and Smeaton for this week-end’s anniversary festivities. Looking forward to seeing a picture of the final result of the chain-saw carving of Captain Hepburn! Alison Inglis (nee Hepburn), Jo Blake (nee Hepburn) and Sarah Walker (nee Hepburn) from the UK.

  7. Deborah Bradford permalink
    July 1, 2013 11:19 am

    While doing some family research I found a death record for a 4th Great Grandmother who died in Edinburgh in 1845. It says that she is buried in “smeatons” ground. There is no relation to her or any smeatons, but I still cannot find out where this “smeaton” ground would be located and could it be a family plot somewhere. I have no clue as to who her parents where. Her Name was Anne Gibson nee Gilmour.

    • July 2, 2013 10:07 pm

      If your 4th great-grandmother died in Edinburgh then wouldn’t the “smeatons ground” be in Edinburgh?
      I have one tiny little 19th century reference to a Mr Gibson here in Smeaton Australia, who “was very good with horses” and “rented a block on the Hepburn Estate” (known as ‘Smeaton Estate’ or ‘Smeaton House’). Smeaton Estate has its own little graveyard that may have been called ‘Smeaton’s burial ground’ but is inhabited mainly by Hepburns. There is no Gibson [or Gilmour] in Smeaton’s ‘official’ cemetery.

      • Deborah Bradford permalink
        July 4, 2013 3:00 pm

        Thank you so much for the information. I will give that a try.

      • February 29, 2016 11:56 pm

        In response to the question regarding Smeaton’s ground I think this refers to the family lair in the Graveyard at Whitekirk, East Lothian. Capt. John’s half brother was Ben Hepburn, whose daughter returned to Smeaton in East Lothian to marry her cousin Ben Hepburn. Ben(Snr) seem to have been a bit of a philanderer and there seems to be no record of any issue from his marriage to Charlotte Bassano in Creswick.

  8. April 16, 2013 5:52 am

    Apologies James M. for taking more than a year to notice your comment!
    Yes, Bullarook Creek was renamed Birchs Creek [sometimes Birch Creek].. and no, Smeaton House isn’t in the actual town; its a few kilometres north on a road called Estate Lane.

  9. Danne Noonan permalink
    September 20, 2012 2:06 pm

    I am very interested to discuss with a Hepburn family member who would be interested by a historical story passed to me by my uncle who died at 98 years in 2009. This story belongs to his uncle who worked and lived on the Hepburn Estate and “came by” an artifact which I still have and would like to return to its rightful place. I have been trying to authenticate the story more that oral history but the article may shine some light or interest. wait to hear. I would prefer to speak than comment further on the opinion page please..
    Anne Bendigo Vic Aust

    • September 20, 2012 3:03 pm

      Hi Anne(/Danne?)
      Send me an email at and instead of publicly replying here, I can reply privately.

    • Alison Hepburn permalink
      April 6, 2013 4:59 am

      Hi Ann. I am researching my family of Hepburns and Captain John Hepburn and his half brother Benjamin were my great grand uncles (I think) , I am researching for my father whose great uncles went out to join Benjamin. If we can share information that would be great.

      • Alison Inglis permalink
        August 10, 2013 6:12 pm

        Have just arrived in Hepburn Springs and discovered the link to captain John Hepburn: my father was also a John Hepburn but from from Devon. Probably just a coincidence but well worth some research on my part. Alison (nee Hepburn) from London.
        Hi Alison, I sent you an email reply during my week of only having unreliable mobile internet and I’ve since learnt that a few of my emails didn’t get thru’ for some reason.. Did you receive my email? S.I.

      • Neil permalink
        March 1, 2016 12:01 am


        I appreciate that this is a bit late in the day but I have a family connectioin toi Ben whose daughter( Agnes Mary?) came back to Scotland to marry her Cousin Ben. One of their daughter’s was Sybille. Born Edinburgh. Agnes died in Lanark at a young age. Ben remarried and went to Ireland (Waterford).


  10. Alison Hepburn permalink
    August 13, 2012 10:48 pm

    I have just found out from a family member that the captain was her Great granduncle (and I suppose the same relationship to my father) and I was hoping to find out more about his life and history so that I can tell them. She grew up being told that he had gone to Australia and built a house there named after the Smeaton in Scotland where they all came from but that was all she knew.
    Where is the best place to go for information, any help would be great,
    Yorkshire UK

    • August 14, 2012 12:44 am

      Hi Alison,
      A warm greetin’ from Smeaton! How lovely to hear from someone so closely linked to our town’s founding father!
      You ask about Capt. Hepburn’s life and history after he came to Australia.. Actually the entire Smeaton Independent News website IS his life and history after he came to Australia! Our town’s agriculture, our gold-mining, our tourist attractions: the flour mill, Smeaton House, our wee church, even some of the nearby towns, are only here because of him! In fact I s’pose this website exists only because of Captain Hepburn!
      Next year (in April 2013) Smeaton will celebrate 175 years since Captain Hepburn walked over the surrounding hills and said “yep, this’ll do me!” (they did that back in those days!) so that should tell you/your relative how important your great-great-grand-uncle was/is in our neck o’ the woods!
      One place you could start learning more about him is the National Library of Australia ( He was involved in almost everything so there seems to be a fair bit of information on him. Even our local Shire Council (that we pay exorbitant rates to!) is named ‘Hepburn’.
      If you could send me any info you have on Captain Hepburn’s life BEFORE he arrived in Australia, more particularly about the original town (or was it house?) called ‘Smeaton’ that he came from, I’d love to upload it to the site.
      Best wishes,
      Si Lilburne.

      • Alison Hepburn permalink
        April 6, 2013 5:01 am

        HI. Sorry I didn’t get back to you but I had some computer (or computer operator) problems. I don’t know much about his life before Australia but I am seeing the oldest member of our family tomorrow so if I find anything out I will get back to you.

  11. Neil McEwen permalink
    March 18, 2012 1:11 am

    Greetings From Canada! Interesting to read this piece on John Heburn. I have been reading and transcribing some family letters sent by William Graham Roxburgh and Louisa (Pyne) Roxburgh to her neice Harriet Cook (my great great Aunt) in New Brunswick Canada dated from the late 1860s and 1870s. In one of the letters W.G.R mentions that he is leaving his present teaching position in Kangaroo Hills (School #881 located on the Hepburn Estate) for a new school (number 444) in Blampied’s Corner. I enjoyed reading this bit of news about some of the places mentioned in these letters. Thank you for providing it for folks like me to ready! Blessings, Neil McEwen – Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada

    • March 18, 2012 3:04 am

      And a greeting from Smeaton rightbackatcha!
      Thank you for your lovely comments. Sadly both schools your great-(x 4)-uncle taught at have disappeared (apparently that’s progress) and Captain Hepburn’s estate is now a fraction of its former size. As is the whole town of Smeaton.

      Next year we’re celebrating our 175th anniversary so we’re getting more and more interested in our history. If your letters have any passages relating to your relatives’ time in Smeaton and specifically teaching on the Hepburn estate, I’d love to put them up on the website.

      Again, thank you so much for your comments. Very much appreciated.

      Si Lilburne

      • James M permalink
        March 30, 2012 7:57 am

        Hi there – just where abouts is Smeaton House – is it in the actual town area.

        My ancestral family settled about 1.5miles from their estate.

        Also, Bullarook Creek is that renamed?

        Thanks…James QLD

    • kangjaro permalink
      January 12, 2015 8:19 am

      “On Friday October 17th of 1873, the Victorian Public Gazette identified some details about the establishment of a mining company called the Kangaroo Hills Gold Mining Company at Kangaroo Hills which provides an interesting insight into local life. There was an application to register the mining company with 60 shares being available. The Manager of the company was listed as William Graham Roxburgh and the shareholders were:
      • “J.S. Hepburn, Smeaton, Gentleman;
      • Mrs G.S. Hepburn, Smeaton, Lady;
      • William Boyd, Kangaroo Hills, Farmer
      • Mrs Thomas Mitchell, Springhill, Lady
      • William G. Roxburg, Kangaroo Hill, Teacher;
      • Fredrick Murray, Smeaton, Gentleman;
      • Samuel Stretch, Kingston, Gentleman;
      • Thomas Fletcher, Kangaroo Hills, Engineer (2 shares);
      • Samual Bunsden, Kingston, Storekeeper;
      • Thomas Rousell, Kingston, Farmer,
      • John Parkyn, Kingston, Farmer;
      • Thomas Clark, Farmer;
      • John Boadle, Smeaton, Secretary;
      • John Harris, Smeaton, Miller;
      • Thomas Ellwood, Kingston, Farmer
      • Brian Highett, Bullarook, Carpenter. ” Extract R. Kennedy research on the Kangaroo Hills area.

      This information may be of interest. Your relative may have been a Teacher according to these records, but he also was the Manager of a Gold Mining Company from this article. Kangaroo Hills was part of the Hepburn estate where they grew food also the feed the gold fields. There was significant mining towards Smeaton, Creswick and Daylesford, so many people obviously wanted shares in gold mining if they were not gold mining themselves. I have yet to find how long this company operated for and whether they stuck any good patches of gold.

Feel free to give your opinion..

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